Giugno 20, 2022

Gli studenti internazionali rappresentano un segmento molto importante del turismo di Firenze. Basti pensare che a Firenze hanno la loro sede più di 45 Università Americane (oltre a decine di altri programmi di tutto il mondo) . Gli studenti che ogni anno arrivano a Firenze sono 36.500 e sono in continua crescita (e le presenze generate da questo specifico target - le notti trascorse a Firenze - sono più di 3,5 milioni all'anno!).
Il settore Study Abroad contribuisce a rendere Firenze la più piccola città globale del pianeta!
dotFlorence ha supportato il progetto della prima guida (già adottata da diverse Università Americane) dedicata agli studenti internazionali di Firenze. Di seguito ve ne presentiamo i contenuti e la filosofia.
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by Marco Bracci + Marco De La Pierre

This guide was produced with the aim of allowing you to make the most of all the potential that a period of study in Italy can offer you in terms of experience and personal growth.

Studying abroad in Florence is a life-changing time that will have a positive impact on your future.

You will discover the beauty and history of unique cities and towns; you will be immersed in internationally renowned culinary traditions; you will discover the scenery that makes Italy one of the most beautiful countries in the world; you will understand the meaning of Italian lifestyle; and you will be in constant contact with Italian design.

Studying in Italy means discovering a culture that has profoundly shaped the philosophy, aesthetics and lifestyle of the entire world.
This guide also aims to make you reflect on this experience that will prove so important for your future.
Reading this publication will give you the possibility to find out about the new reality that awaits you in Florence, so that you will be better prepared to appreciate the many opportunities for personal and professional growth that the study abroad experience can provide.

Studying abroad is a journey that will change and shape your view of the world,
making you more aware of the differences between cultures and societies while
preparing you for future challenges.

This guide will help you to reflect on the meaning and importance of spending
a period of study and training abroad
, but it will also provide you with practical
to help you make the most of your daily life in the city.

You will find details about cinemas, theaters, exhibitions, markets, supermarkets, sporting and musical events, yoga and Pilates classes, jogging routes, ideas for the week-end in Tuscany and Italy, as well as useful information about visas, documents and residence permits, in addition to health and safety.

Florence has always welcomed students from all over the world who have decided to experience a fundamental period of their education here. The importance that local institutions attach to international higher education is also demonstrated by the fact that this publication includes warm welcomes from the Mayor of Florence (Dario Nardella), the President of the Region of Tuscany (Eugenio Giani), the US Consul General (Ragini Gupta), the UNESCO World Heritage Site Manager, the Rector of the University of Florence, plus dozens of directors and professors from the city’s main universities and international programs.

Florence is home to 45 American universities and dozens of other schools and
programs with courses in every subject area: art, music, literature, marketing,
business, sociology, design, cinema, human resources, fashion, design, sports
management, hospitality, jewelry and cuisine.

This variety of programs make Florence one of the world’s study abroad capitals.

Florence has been chosen by dozens of universities all over the world for its
beauty, safety and quality of life. With characteristics like these, it is a given that
you will have an unforgettable experience in our city, but this guide encourages
you to go the extra mile.

We realize that you want to embrace the fun and freedom offered by this once-
in-a-lifetime experience
, but that independence also comes by getting involved in city life, such as by doing voluntary work, an internship, shopping at a local market, attending one of the many film festivals, a theater show or concert, learning to speak Italian, experiencing a soccer game or enjoying an unforgettable weekend in the Tuscan countryside.

All these unique experiences will make memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

With this guide, we want to make sure that your study abroad experience in Florence will help you become a more rounded individual who is better equipped to face life in an increasingly global, interconnected and complex world.

Your new life starts tomorrow in Florence, the smallest global city in the world.

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Article by Marco de la Pierre e Marco Bracci