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Silvia was born in Florence, Italy and has spent much of her life abroad.  Having spent a few years in the Middle East, and then her high school years in California, she has an experience of a variety of different cultures and traditions. She returned to Italy, where she studied foreign literature and languages at the University of Florence. After her degree, she spent several years working in communications for a larger multinational company, based in Florence. Having always had a deep passion and appreciation for Florence’s rich, mesmerizing art and cultural heritage, she decided to pursue this further, which led her to her true calling of being a professional tour guide, allowing her to do what she truly loves.  

One day, whilst walking amongst olive groves and cypresses in the enchanting city of Florence, Silvia asked herself how to communicate Florence’s true essence. During this stroll through one of the steep, narrow and winding streets that frame Florence’s hills, the concept of ’unveiled’ tours came to her, which answered her question.

Enthusiastic about all of the unique aspects the city has to offer from its galleries, palaces, artisans, and local cuisine, she will take you on an adventure to places that reveal an authentic, local experience and provide you with knowledge that contributes to your personal discovery of Florence.  



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