In these years of tumultuous changes in the world of the Internet, in order to be successful online, it is no longer enough to simply create a website to be found by potential customers, but it is necessary to put in place a real integrated project of online communication. The website certainly remains the central element of web communication, but to be able to sell online (because this is what it is all about) you have to activate, optimise, manage and monitor many other "places" on the web such as social media, review portals, search engines, sales channels (OTA for tourism and Market Places for e-commerce)... Today, a web agency must increasingly resemble a communications agency, and the team that makes up the agency must have the necessary know-how to deal with a constantly evolving and specialised market. Until a few years ago, all you needed to manage a web agency was a programmer with a little sensitivity to graphics and maybe a "salesperson" to sell the sites.

Today, the team of a web agency must be able to respond with confidence to the new challenges posed by the network and for this reason the figures that the market requires are:

  • an aggressive group of programmers
  • a SEO, SEM, SMM expert
  • a SEO copywriter
  • a graphic designer (web and paper)
  • a social media manager
  • an expert in e-commerce, OTAs and market places
  • a revenue manager
  • a photographer/videomaker
  • a person responsible for training in web marketing and revenue management
  • an expert in content marketing
  • a commercial/salesperson

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Graphic & Product Design
Our team has grown naturally over time and today we are able to cover each of these areas with expert figures and, above all, with the humility to study, learn and renew ourselves continually because this is the only possible approach to a subject (and a medium, the Internet) that changes rapidly and continuously. Our team is made up of 13 professionals and the average age is 36.75 years (an average that has been raised a lot since the founders, to be honest!) and today we can say with some confidence that we are able to manage a complete project, from the creation of the logo to the creation of the brochures. The path to being able to offer such a complete service has been facilitated and accelerated by our many years of experience in the field of training, which has allowed us to come into contact with many professionals who, over time, have begun to collaborate naturally with us.

Our team can:

  • create a website with original photos and videos
  • optimise and index the website for search engines (SEO)
  • design a company logo (taking into account the company's unique value proposition)
  • select the social channels and UGC where to promote it
  • optimise OTA and market places by suggesting the most suitable revenue strategy
  • activate SEM campaigns
  • install PMS, instant booking, proprietary channel managers in the case of tourist sites
  • create business cards and brochures to be distributed on site
  • provide personalised consultancy on web marketing issues in the company