Free SEO Audit

Fix your website's problems and speed up the optimization process!On-page optimization plays a decisive role in a website's ranking, though it is often underestimated.The SEMrush Site Audit tool makes your website more accessible to search engine robots and helps ensure a positive user experience.

  • Check the health of your website
  • Decide which issues to fix first
  • Track the progress of your web optimization
  • Detect and correct hreflang errors
  • Ensure the security of your website with HTTPS checks
  • Identify all possible AMP implementation issues
  • Optimize internal and external links
  • Add tags where they are missing
  • Detect duplicate or overly long tags
  • Create titles, meta descriptions and other HTML tags that are unique and understandable to users and search engines
  • Fix broken images and provide them with an ALT attribute
  • Detect and delete error pages
  • Find pages with duplicate content
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