Dépendance Machiavelli is a great flat managed by our friend Pierpaolo...just know that the vote on Booking.com is even 9.9 (on more than 100 reviews) and on AirBnb 5.0 (on more than 160 reviews)!
Dépendance Machiavelli is definitely in the top 10 of the best reviewed properties in Florence!
We are therefore proud to collaborate with a manager who has made professionalism and service excellence his mission.
The perception of the quality of the local and national tourist offer also passes through the work of tourism entrepreneurs who, like Pierpaolo, contribute to increasing the perception of the value of the Italian brand in the panorama of international destinations.
Thank you Pierpaolo and thank you to all the accommodation managers who make Italian hospitality great in the world!

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence team




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