Alessio and Filippo are two young, friendly and energetic guys who have been organising Vespa and bike tours for clients from all over the world for years!
To understand how good they are just read the hundreds of reviews they have received on TripAdvisor, Google my Business, Yelp, etc. ...
They're really good and we're delighted to be working with them... and above all we can't wait to take part in one of their famous tours of the Tuscan hills!

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence team

Siamo molto contenti del risultato della nostra collaborazione con il grande Duccio Tiracorrendo, di professione archeologo e guida turistica di Firenze.

Tuccio ci ha fornito foto - scattate da lui! - di altissima qualità e questo è uno dei fattori che ci hanno permesso di raggiungere un risultato così eccellente con il suo sito web.

Noi abbiamo messo del nostro con grafica, usabilità, CMS proprietario, SEO e SEO Audit e nell'insieme il sito rappresenta the "state of arts" per un progetto web pubblicato nel 2018.

Non vediamo l'ora di prenotare un tour guidato da lui insieme a tutto il nostro team di grafici, programmatori e social media manager!

EazyCity is one of Europe's leading companies specialising in international student mobility.
Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Eazycity has an international staff of 50 people of all nationalities.
The most popular destinations for students are the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France and Germany.
We are proud to collaborate with such a young and well-organised European company.
I applaud Enrico and his staff!

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence team

DotFlorence Goes Social e orgogliosamente sponsorizza e sostiene attraverso la realizzazione del sito il progetto "Annulliamo la Distanza".
Questo  progetto nasce ufficialmente a Firenze il 7 ottobre 1997, quando un gruppo di amici decide di intervenire in prima persona nel sostegno e nella cura dei bambini già adottati a distanza.
Da allora, con un impegno crescente e sempre più incisivo, Annulliamo la Distanza si è impegnata nella battaglia per combattere la fame, le malattie e gli altri disagi che minacciano il futuro dei bambini in ogni parte del mondo.
L'organizzazione si riconosce nel motto “i bambini prima di tutto”, perché sono convinti che questa sia sia la strada per dare un futuro a quei bambini e ai loro paesi, per accorciare il divario esistente fra i paesi poveri e quelli ricchi, per annullare la distanza fra le diverse anime di questo pianeta.
Visitate il sito per saperne di più...mi raccomando..!

The dotFlorence team has decided to donate this website to the cause of "Save Giugnano" to promote its candidature as a FAI place of the heart!
We are very proud of this initiative, if you have places to propose we will consider donating our time to other cultural initiatives!
Long live Italian art, history and culture!

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence team

Alessio and Filippo, through their creation "Tuscany Vespa Tours" (by Active Tours) offer group and private tours on board beautiful vintage Vespas and FIAT 500s to Chianti and the Tuscan countryside!

The experience of a tour through the rolling Tuscan hills to discover some beautiful Chianti wineries with a stop in a 12th century castle for a typical Tuscan lunch is super popular with tourists from all over the world (and in fact this "experience" is rewarded with many reviews - all enthusiastic! - in TripAdvisor!)

We are really happy to collaborate with this team...let's keep it up guys! 😉

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence team

Translated with (free version)

Chiara is one of the most knowledgeable guides in the city and it is interesting that she organises tours dedicated to a very specific niche: the LGBT+ community!

Another good example of openness in our city.
Well done Chiara, keep it up! 😉

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence Team

Beatrice and Chiara are the 'Deae ex Machina' of this beautiful project whose mission is to put well-being at the heart of the person through practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
Our team has already participated in their events and they are absolutely thrilled!

Wellessere's mission is well described on their website:

"If holiday is synonymous with wellbeing and physical and mental regeneration then it may be worth using it as a time to rest the mind and ease the tensions we carry around.
Mindfulness or yoga are not switches to turn off tensions or negative emotions but allow us to learn how they work. Learning to observe emotions and let them flow helps us to face difficulties with the wiser part of us.
Each individual guest can choose whether to organise a class in private or in small groups directly in the chosen location.
We love contact with nature and slow living, we also organise our practices in some of the most beautiful Renaissance gardens in Florence.
Our clients are also companies that focus on the well-being of their employees. Rethinking workplaces to make them more women- and men-friendly is the challenge of the near future.
Together with the concept of economic and environmental sustainability, purpose-driven companies will have to develop the concept of social sustainability and review a whole series of activities that revolve around workers."

Best of luck to Chiara and Beatrice for the success of this beautiful all-female start-up;)

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence team

Sooner or later, together with the Second Star Sailing team we will organise a Team Building for dotFlorence staff in some remote archipelago of the world!
Every time we call the legendary Lyssandra, she always answers from a different place...Antigua, Barbados, Monaco, Corsica, Pisa....and every time our imagination we can't wait to take part in a fantastic adventure together with Lyssandra and her super All Women Team!

Article by Marco de la Pierre - dotFlorence Team

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